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Have you been dreaming of a new kitchen? If your home is near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, look no further than the kitchen remodeling experts at Breathe Easy Construction. Whether it’s a small or large project the pros at Breathe Easy Construction will guide you through every step of your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen remodeling is the biggest and most expensive remodel a homeowner can choose. This is why it is important to select one of the very best kitchen remodeling contractors. We guarantee an experience of satisfaction that comes from selecting a top-quality construction company.

kitchen remodel contractors

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kitchen remodel contractors

How Much Should I Budget For a Kitchen Remodel?

The budget for your kitchen remodels project will depend on the size of your kitchen and the finishes you choose. 

The budget for a standard kitchen can range from $20,000 to $70,000 or more. This is why you should choose a local construction company to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and work with you to meet your needs and budget.

How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Kitchen?

Many people want to know how long it takes to remodel a kitchen. The short answer is – it depends. There are many factors that go into play when remodeling a kitchen, such as the scope of work and if we run into any unexpected issues. The steps for this process are as follows:


The most important step for any home remodeling project is planning. We make sure to give you all the time you need to discuss the layout, finishes, budget, timeline, and anything else involved in your project. Proper planning will also avoid many common mistakes and errors that can happen.

When our planning step is completed, we will present you with a finalized construction plan. 

Remodeling Project Scope

All the work that the construction team is expected to complete.


We make sure to go over all of the costs involved in the project. It is also important to build in a contingency plan, which will cover unexpected costs that may occur.

Establishing the Remodeling Team

At Breathe Easy Construction, we are proud that our team of kitchen remodeling contractors are experts with years of training and experience in every remodel area.


When the remodeling team is finalized and the timeline is agreed upon, we will establish the final budget and scope. We take every step to ensure that the final kitchen remodeling project is delivered on time and on budget.


Depending on the size of your space and how much demolition is required, our construction team will typically have this step completed in a day or two, including removing all debris and unwanted items.


Our team will clear the area and begin the process of creating the layout. We take the time to mark the placement of every aspect of your kitchen remodel project. This includes everything from cabinets, outlets, appliances, plumbing, and electrical. Marking each area allows the team to address any issues in design, which can save major problems down the road.


Mechanical Rough Ins

Our electricians and plumbers will begin working once the layout is complete. They work together with the HVAC installers to make sure that all the electric, gas and plumbing components may be placed correctly. Depending on the scope of the kitchen remodel project, this step may take anywhere from a day to a week.

Floors and Walls

The beginnings of your new kitchen will start to appear when our construction team begins their work on the floors and walls. This is also the step where your kitchen remodel project goes from looking like a huge mess into an organized project that will give a glimpse of what the result will look like.


During the planning stage, we will work with you to choose the best countertop surface for your project. Countertops need to be precisely measured and custom cut for your kitchen remodel, so it is imperative that no changes in layout occur after the countertops have been completed.

Our team will carefully install and secure your countertops upon delivery, which is often completed in a single day.


This step is often completed in conjunction with the installation of the countertops. Our construction team will often hook up the appliances before finishing the countertop installation. This is particularly true when dealing with appliances in the kitchen island, under-mount sinks, and counter-depth refrigerators.

We will keep you updated regarding appliance availability, as this can be greatly affected by external factors beyond our control.

Finish work

As the kitchen remodel project nears completion, it is also the busiest time of the entire construction phase. Depending on the size and scope of the remodel project, there will be multiple contractors working simultaneously to complete all of the finishing details of your new kitchen.


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