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Interior Home Painting

When you need the interior of your home updated with fresh paint, our home painting services are what you need. Reach out today. 

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Interior Home Painting Contractors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Does the inside of your home feel like it needs a fresh look? Do you feel like you’re trapped in a time warp when you look around your living room? Look no further than the interior home painting contractors at Breathe Easy Construction. Let us help you transform the interior of your home with a makeover you will love.

We are your trusted, local home painting services company. When you hire Breathe Easy Construction for your interior home painting project, we will complete your job in a professional and efficient manner.

home painting services

The Best Interior Painters

You’ve been dreaming about new color on your walls for years. Let’s get started on making it reality.
home painting services

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Home Painting Service?

Here are some of the biggest benefits from hiring an interior home painting contractor to complete your indoor painting projects:

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How Do I Choose The Color?

We have the widest variety of high-quality paint colors available. In addition, our experienced painters can guide you through the decision-making process, providing valuable advice on lighting and color palette choices.

Often, seeing examples of our past painting projects can inspire your own project. We are more than happy to provide extensive examples of every type of project we have completed for past clients. We also have plenty of customer testimonials and references you can read through as well.

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How Long Does it Take to Paint an Interior Room?

Our team of professionals will take care to use drop cloths to cover all floor surfaces. Before we even begin on your room painting project, we will ask that you please remove all hanging items from the walls. Upon arrival, we will move all of the furniture into the center of the room and keep everything covered and protected. Please, let us know if you have any concerns about moving antiques or other fragile items.

If we discover any drywall damage, we will repair any minor issues as part of our home painting services. Any major damages will be discussed with the homeowner prior to moving forward with repair and completion of the painting project.

Most interior rooms can be completed in a single day of work, including cleanup and restoring the furniture to its original placement. The homeowner will be responsible for rehanging any items on the walls after the project is completed.

home painting services

How Long Does Interior Paint Last?

Generally speaking, high-quality paint applied by interior home painting contractors will last from 3-5 years before the room begins to show wear and tear. The homeowner needs to consider whether the room is a high or low-traffic area when selecting the type of paint to use in that area.

Since repainting an interior room is one of the most affordable ways to freshen up your living space, you may want to choose a paint that updates the original color of paint, or you could go bigger and change to a new color altogether. If you’re changing the room’s purpose, you may want to go with bold new colors or simply give the room a fresh, clean feeling. It all depends on what suits your home the best. We will be there every step of the way to help you choose the right paint and colors for your project.