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When you are searching for a bathroom remodeling contractor, look no further than Breathe Easy Construction. You can depend on our team to complete any bathroom remodeling project you need.

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How Much Should I Budget for My Bathroom Remodel Project?

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Our bathroom contractors will work with you to create a budget for your project in advance.

bathroom remodeling contractors

How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

The duration of your bathroom remodel will depend on the scale of the project. A complete remodel of your bathroom, which includes tearing out everything and rebuilding, generally takes about a month. The timeline could be affected by many factors, including the availability of materials, access to the workspace, and changes made by the homeowner.

There are several steps prior to construction beginning on your bathroom remodel, such as planning and obtaining necessary permits. Typically, your bathroom remodel will proceed with the following steps:


Our team will cover any fixtures that are staying in your bathroom before beginning demolition. This step usually takes a day or two.

Rough Carpentry

Once the demolition takes the bathroom down to the studs, our team will complete any carpentry required, including moving or rebuilding walls.


When the remodel requires new electrical lines, it will take up to a week for completion. Our bathroom remodel team can complete this work ourselves, saving you the hassle of waiting for a subcontractor.

Initial Inspection

The first inspection is scheduled with the county inspector, so the timeline is typically affected by the availability of their schedule. We have a proven history of working well with our local inspectors, which often prevents delays in the remodel timeline caused by waiting for inspections.

Drywall and Insulation

Our team will complete installing the insulation and the initial hanging of the drywall on the same day. Hanging drywall requires a period of time for drying, as well as applying joint compound and sanding.


Once the drywall step is completed, our team will clean and paint the walls. We always paint a minimum of three coats, and this step can typically be finished in a day or two.


The type of floor you choose, which can include tile, laminate flooring, or vinyl, will determine how long it takes to complete this step. The floors you choose can greatly affect the overall bathroom remodel project. Our team of experts will provide the guidance necessary to help you make the best decision, not only for the overall look of the bathroom remodel project, but to ensure that everything stays on budget as well.

Final Inspection

Once again, the final inspection requires scheduling with our county inspectors. When the final inspection is completed and passed, our builders will proceed to finishing work and completing your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Fixtures and Hookups

This is when the magic happens! We use the last couple days of the construction phase to complete all of the finishing touches. Connecting all the electrical fixtures and lighting, installing and connecting your new bathroom fixtures, and adding small details such as shelving, towel bars, and storage solutions.