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Searching for a home remodeling contractor can be stressful. It’s no secret that remodeling your home is a big decision and one that will greatly impact the value of your home. Without choosing the right home remodeling contractor, you can end up spending too much.

You deserve a team with years of experience in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. Our team of experts will complete your home remodeling projects with care, precision, and professionalism.

Let Breathe Easy Construction provide the knowledge and expertise. We can take any home to remodel project you have from a dream to a reality.

Even if you are looking to complete multiple remodeling projects, Breathe Easy Construction can handle them all.

home remodeling contractors

What Should I Ask a Home Remodeling Contractor?

A reliable home remodeling contractor will always be licensed, bonded, and insured. We can also show you examples of our past projects and discuss how to stay within your ideal budget.

At Breathe Easy Construction we will also handle all required permits before beginning construction. We will go over all of the anticipated costs, including a contingency plan for any unexpected problems that may occur. 

We will provide extensive examples of previous home remodeling projects of every scope and size, including references from past customers. 

Breathe Easy Construction Services

A complete list of our services 

Exterior Home Painting

When you’re home needs an update and exterior home painting, we can help.

Interior Home Painting

If you’re over DIY painting, taping, and half finished painted walls- give us a call. We will paint the interior of your home. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Are you ready for a kitchen update? We can handle all kitchen remodeling needs. 

Bathroom Remodeling

If your bathroom looks like 1980 called and wants its dark wood and orange back, give us a call. We’ll freshen up your bathroom in no time. 

Choosing to Live at Home During a Remodel

If you choose to live in your home during the construction phase of your home remodel projects, there are several steps you can take to ensure your comfort during the project completion. These steps include the following:

Check Your Construction Timeline Daily

It’s important to check your construction timeline everyday. Be aware of when and where our home remodeling contractors will be working in your home.

Communicate Concerns

Make sure to communicate any concerns you may have with the construction supervisor, including any privacy concerns each day.

Pack Up Fragile Items

Take the time to pack up any fragile or valuable items, and remove any delicate or breakable items and furniture from the remodel area. These items can be moved into storage, giving you more space to live in during the construction phase.

Keep Children and Pets Away

For everyone’s safety, keep all children and pets away from the construction zone at all times.

Seal Off Construction Zones

Use builder grade plastic film to seal off construction-free zones. This will help contain dust and debris from the construction to designated areas. You should also turn off your HVAC system, in order to prevent airflow from circulating dust throughout your home.

Common Sense Safety

Take common sense safety precautions, such as wearing shoes in your house at all times, to protect your feet from stray materials that could be on the floor. Observe any posted construction safety notices, such as areas that require wearing a hard hat to enter.
home remodeling contractors

How Do I Plan a Home Remodeling Project?

Whether you are thinking about a full home remodel or just a room or two, you will need to consider where you plan to live during your home remodeling project. There are certain projects where you will be required to vacate your home, such as work with mold or asbestos removal or removing your home’s entire roof or floors.

If your home remodeling project requires that more than half of the home is under construction, you will most likely discover that it is quite difficult to accomplish daily tasks and live with the constant disturbance. This is important to be aware of, especially if your home remodel projects are scheduled to last several months.

However, if your remodeling projects are smaller in scale, it may be possible to stay in your home during the construction phase.

There are several advantages of remaining in your home during the remodel. These include:

If you choose to temporarily move out of your home, there may be several advantages, such as being able to avoid the overall mess and noise of living in a construction zone, living in a comfortable location, allowing you to complete daily tasks without disruption or noise, and possibly enjoying a short trip to rest and relax while the project is completed.

Your absence may also shorten the timeline for the project by allowing the home remodeling contractors to access your home at any time.

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How Much Will My Home Remodeling Project Cost?

Every project is unique, with its own particular nuances and requirements. Let our experts walk you through the planning process. We will present a home remodeling estimate that is created specifically with your project in mind.
home remodeling contractors

Project Completion

Finishing your home remodeling projects also includes a post-construction period, where your home remodel contractors will return your home to its pre-construction condition. This will include a period of deep cleaning on the remodel site and any surrounding areas. Our builders will clean any hard surfaces, sweep/mop/vacuum the floor, clean the interior/exterior of all windows, dust, and change the air filters. All construction debris will be bagged up and properly disposed of.

Once completed, you will be able to enjoy your newly remodeled home, resume your daily tasks, and get back to normal in your beautiful new space!